Monday, September 1, 2008


Inaki Rocha stood at the portico of the church, pacing near the stairs to the choir loft. What's keeping her so long, he thought. He gazed at his watch-3:30.

At 26, Inaki has lived a very pampered life. Being the only child of two doctors, he grew up spoiled by material things. He was a considered a problem child always screaming for attention, since his parent often left him with the househelp. At 17, he got his then girlfriend pregnant. Since they were both young, they decided to live their own lives with Inaki promising to give monthly support for the child, now 8 years old.

Inaki gazed up and saw the person he was waitng for exiting the church- Blanca. Slowly he walked toward her, a smirk across his face as he saw her surprised expression.

"Bakit andito ka?" Blanca asked.

"Inaantay ka."


"Wala lang."

"Anyway, andito ka na rin lang, we need to talk. Punta tayo sa Santa Lucia." the two walked side-by-side out of the church. Paranoia instantly hit Blanca. Why are they looking at him? Why are they judging him. The words of her friends kept playing in her head: He's not worth it. He's just gonna make you cry. He's just after sex... They're not giving him a chance, he said as they turned to Calle Real. Up ahead, Puerta Santa Lucia stood out like a sentinel.

"Ok ka lang?" Inaki asked. Blanca smiled.

They're judging him without giving him the chance...

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Blanca Fornier knelt at the backmost pew. Father, please help me. I don’t know what to do. Around her a couple of tourists were taking pictures while a tour guide was giving them a brief history of the church. This was after all, San Agustin Church.

Built in the 1600s, the church is a citadel located in the heart of old Manila, the church boasts of solid adobe rocks quarried from the hills of Makati. These rocks proved to be a fortress as the structure protected the residents of Intramuros during the siege of Manila.
The church withstood the bombardment, and was for a time the only intact structure within the walled city.

The interior of the church was lavishly baroque. Pillars made of marble adorn the retablo. The side chapels housed some of the more prominent family members of old Manila and some people of import.

Blanca paid no attention to them. She had been in this church countless of times. It was near her workplace hence she always had a special fondness for this church. This was where she always breathed her feelings, her frustrations, joys and pains. Today was no different.

Why is this happening to me, she thought. She looked at the figure up ahead.

“You are unfair!” She said as she stood up. The people around her were startled by her declaration. Yet she hardly cared. She picked up her bag and exited the church, her heels clacking against the marble floor.